Step 5: Configure your file transfer client

When you are ready to publish your Web site, you can upload files to the Web server using FTP or a Web-development application such as Microsoft FrontPage. You will learn more about the different methods and the steps for uploading files in Step 7: Publishing Your Site.

The NetNation Platform Manuals provide detailed instructions for transferring files using FTP and a number of Web development applications, including Microsoft FrontPage. You can find these guides in NetNation's Help Center at

To view information necessary to configure a file transfer client:

  1. On the Uploading page, select the method you want to use to transfer files to and from the Web server.

    If you are using Microsoft FrontPage to develop and publish your site, you should not use FTP to transfer files to the server, as this can corrupt the FrontPage Extensions. For more information on transferring files via FTP and working with Microsoft FrontPage, see the AccountManager User Guide or the Platform Manuals available in NetNation's Help Center at

  2. AccountManager provides the information you will need to connect to and transfer files to and from the Web server using the selected method.
  3. Click Continue to the next step. Continue with the next section, Step 6, to ensure you have registered and transferred your domain name.