Step 3: Set up your account passwords

When you first get started, two different user accounts are already set up for you:

The first one, your Customer Account, you are already familiar with-this is the account you used to log in to AccountManager (using your Customer ID and password). This account enables you to log in to AccountManager and manage all aspects of your account. Because this account provides access to all of your account information, including billing, you may want to be the sole user of this account.

The second account is the Master User Account. This account enables you to connect to the Web server using SSH (UNIX platforms only) and FTP as well as to connect to the mail server to retrieve, read and send email. By default, the Master User name is your domain name without the domain extension. For example, if your domain name is, your Master User is sampledomain. In some cases, such as when you have a long domain name, your Master User name may be shortened or may differ slightly from your domain name.

Remember: Your Customer Account (customer ID and password) is used to log in to AccountManager, not to upload files or check your mail. Use your Master User name and password to upload files (via FTP or FrontPage) and to check mail.

In order to activate your account, you must change your AccountManager password and set a password for your Master User account.

To set the passwords for your account:

  1. On the AccountManager main page, click the link to activate your account. The Change AccountManager Password page appears.
  2. Enter the new password you want to use to log in to AccountManager and then repeat the password to confirm it.
  3. Click Change. The Change Master Account Password page appears.
  4. Enter the password you want to use for the Master User account. Remember this is the account you will use to connect to the server, transfer files via FTP or FrontPage and retrieve and send email.
  5. Retype the password to confirm, and then click Set Password. You will use this password with your Master User name.

Your account is now active. If you would like, you can continue through the Setup Wizard to learn more about setting up your email and uploading files or you can click the Skip link to bypass these steps. You can always find the detailed email and FTP information in the Platform Manuals available at or by selecting the Self Help link in AccountManager's Support section.

You can change your AccountManager password by clicking the Change Preferences link at the top of the AccountManager window. You can change the password for the Master User account at any time by selecting the Users/Passwords link in AccountManager. You can also use the Users/Passwords section of AccountManager to set up multiple accounts for others who will be working on your Web site. For details, see the SiteControl User Guide.