Step 3: Set your account password

When you submitted your order, NetNation assigned you a Customer ID and you selected a password. The first time you log in to AccountManager, you will be prompted to reset your initial password. You can input the same password or change the password to something else.

To set the passwords for your account:

  1. On the AccountManager main page, click the link to activate your account. The Change AccountManager Password page appears.
  2. Enter the new password you want to use to log in to AccountManager.
  3. Retype the password to confirm, and then click Set Password. You will use this password the next time you log in to AccountManager.

Your account is now active and AccountManager displays your account information.

You can change your AccountManager password at any time by clicking the Change Preferences link at the top of the AccountManager window. For details, see the AccountManager User Guide.