Using your temporary URL

When visitors type your domain name in their Web browsers, their request is referred to a nameserver that indicates the physical location (the IP address) of your domain on the Internet. When your site location changes to a new IP address (domain name transfer), or when you deploy a new site with a new domain name (domain name registration), nameservers around the world must be notified of the change. This process of notification is referred to as propagation.

Propagation typically takes 48 to 72 hours. During this time, you may find that you cannot access your site by typing your domain name in a browser. If you are transferring your domain, some nameservers will still refer to your site's old location while nameservers that have already been notified of the change will refer to the new location.

NetNation provides you with a temporary URL that you can use to begin publishing your Web site files while you wait for the propogation period to complete. Your temporary URL is just another way of accessing your site until your domain name has fully propagated throughout the Internet. Once your domain name has propagated, you do not need to do anything special in order to start using your domain name instead of your temporary URL — all of the files you uploaded using your temporary URL will still be in place and nothing will have changed.

If you are transferring an existing site to NetNation, we recommend maintaining your site at your current host while waiting for the new nameserver information to propagate throughout the Internet to avoid down time for your site. During this time, you can use the temporary Web address that we gave you to mirror your Web site on NetNation's servers until the transfer is complete.

You can find your temporary URL by selecting the Plan Info link in the left pane of AccountManager.