Logging on and off

After you submitted your NetNation account order, you received two separate email messages from us. The first email is your order confirmation. It summarizes your account order and billing information. You should keep this email for your records. The second email contains important information you will need to get started using your new NetNation account, particularly:

Customer ID. The ID you will use to log in to AccountManager. This ID gives you access to the tools you need to activate and manage your account.

Password. The password you will use with your Customer ID to log in to AccountManager for the first time. You may want to change this password to something that is easier to remember.

AccountManager URL. Your Welcome email includes a link that takes you directly to AccountManager's log in page. You may want to bookmark this address in your Web browser for fast access to AccountManager.

To log in to AccountManager:

  1. Click the URL in your Welcome email or in your browser type The AccountManager Login page displays.
  2. Enter your Customer ID and password (from your account information email) and then click Login.
  3. AccountManager opens to the Home page for your account.

You will notice that this page indicates that you still need to complete a few tasks in order to set up your NetNation account. For detailed instructions, see Activating your new hosting account.

To log out of AccountManager:

  1. In the upper right corner of the AccountManager window, click the Logout link.
  2. You are returned to the AccountManager main log in window.