Password protecting directories

This section applies only to Windows 2000 hosting plans.

AccountManager provides a Web-based tool that enables you to quickly and easily password-protect selected directories on your Web server. You can use this tool to create user groups, assign different users to those groups and then grant rights to specific directories to the entire group of users. When a user attempts to access a password-protected directory, they will be prompted for the user name and password.

If you are using Microsoft FrontPage or Sharepoint Team Services, you cannot use AccountManager's Password Protect Directories feature. If you need to password protect directories, you can use FrontPage's security features. For details, consult the FrontPage documentation.

To access this tool:

  1. In AccountManager, click Website Tools. The Website Tools main page appears.
  2. Select Password Protect Directories. The main page displays.

Adding a new user

The users you create here are not related to the users you create using AccountManager's Users/Password section.

  1. Click Add New User.
  2. Enter the user name.
  3. Specify a password for this user and then retype the password to confirm.
  4. Click Submit.

Adding a new group

  1. Click Add New Group.
  2. Enter the new group name.
  3. From the list of all the users you have created, select the users to add to this group and move them to the In Group box.
  4. Click Submit.

Adding a new directory

The Add Directory features does not create a physical directory on your Web server. It simply creates an association between a directory and a group.

  1. Click Add Directory.
  2. Click the Path field to select the directory you want to protect from a list of all the available directories on your domain.
  3. In the Realm Name field, enter the appropriate name.
  4. From the list of all the groups you have created, select the groups you want to be able to access this directory and move them to the Allowed Groups box.
  5. Click Update.

Enabling and disabling users and groups

When a user or group is disabled, the access rights associated with that user or group are temporarily suspended, but the user or group remains in the system and can be re-enabled at any time. To enable or disable a user or group, click:

Green icon to enable.

Red icon to disable.

Deleting a user, group or directory

Once you delete a user, that user is completely removed from the password protection system. The user name will no longer be valid and cannot be used to access any of the directories. When you delete a group, the group is removed from the system but the users who were in that group are not deleted. In order for them to have access to a directory, however, you will need to add them to another group and grant that group access to a directory. When you delete a directory, the physical directory is not removed from the Web server but the group associations for that directory are removed. Users will not be able to access this directory any longer.

To delete a user, group or directory, click the Delete icon to the right of the name.