Setting up domain name aliases

A domain name alias is a registered domain name that points to another domain. Many companies choose to register several different domains, typically variations of the same domain name, and have them all point to the same central Web site. Registering multiple domain names for the same site not only brings the largest draw to your site but it also can prevent competitors from poaching your potential customers.

When choosing multiple domain names-or aliases-for the same site, consider variations of your name such as common misspellings as well as both singular and plural versions of the same name.

Before you can set up a domain name alias, you must first register the domain name you want to use as the alias. For details, see Registering a new domain name.

To set up a domain name alias:

  1. In AccountManager, click Domain Name. The Domain Name Management page appears.
  2. Click Manage Domain Alias. The Domain Alias Summary page displays any existing domain name aliases that have already been set up for your domain.
  3. Click Add Domain Alias to display the Create Domain Alias page.
  4. Enter the name of the domain you want to use as an alias. Do not include the "www" prefix.
  5. Carefully review the pricing information and then click Create Domain Alias.

Your new domain name alias will appear on the Domain Name Alias summary page. You should allow 48 to 72 hours for the new domain name to propagate throughout the Internet.