Transferring domain names

If you have already registered your domain name elsewhere, you will need to transfer your domain name to NetNation. The transfer process depends on the registrar with whom you registered your domain name. NetNation can request your domain name transfer for you or you can contact your current registrar to transfer your domain name yourself.

Requesting domain name transfer through NetNation

NetNation can contact your current registrar and initiate the domain name transfer process for you. When you request this from NetNation, you will be asked to supply four sets of contact information, account owner, admin, technical and billing. In many cases, all four sets of information are the same. The admin contact information is required by InterNIC, the domain name registration governing authority. It's helpful to be able to specify different contact information, as the person handling your site's technical issues may not be the same as the person handling your billing.

To request that NetNation initiate the domain name transfer for you:

  1. In AccountManager, click Domain Name.
  2. On the Domain Name Management page, click Transfer Your Domain Name to NetNation.
  3. Enter your domain information and contact information.
  4. Your nameserver information is entered by default. Do not modify this information.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. After NetNation contacts your current registrar, you will receive an email message from them at the email address they have on file for you. You must respond to this email to authorize the transfer.

Transferring your domain directly from your registrar

Most registrars request that you log in to their systems and transfer the domain name yourself using the user name and password they assigned you. Once you have logged on to their site, you will need to change your current nameserver information to NetNation's information. You can find your NetNation nameserver information by logging in to AccountManager and selecting the Domain Name section.

The transfer process typically takes 48 to 72 hours. For more information on domain name transfers, see the Domain Name FAQ.