Troubleshooting domain name registrations

NetNation provides a tool that can help you troubleshoot problems with your domain. The Domain Name Transfer Wizard checks to make sure that your domain has been successfully registered and, if you registered it elsewhere, transferred to NetNation's server. If it hasn't yet been registered and/or transferred, the Wizard walks you through the steps for registering and/or transferring it.

To use the Domain Name Transfer Wizard:

  1. In AccountManager, click Domain Name. The Domain Name Management page appears.
  2. Click Troubleshoot Domain Transfer. The Domain Name Transfer Wizard page appears.
  3. The domain you are currently managing displays by default. You can check this domain or enter another domain name. Then, click Check Domain.
  4. The Wizard checks to see if your domain is registered. Based on the results of the search, the Wizard may determine one of the following:

    - Your domain is successfully registered and on NetNation's server.

    - Your domain is not yet registered. You will be prompted to register your domain and, if you choose to, will be walked through the necessary steps.

    - Your domain is registered with a registrar but has not been transferred. The wizard will provide you the DNS Server information you will need to give your registrar in order to transfer your domain name to NetNation.

To find out contact information for the registrar with whom your domain is currently registered, you can use the Domain Name Registration link on the Domain Name Management main page. For details, see Viewing detailed domain name registration information.